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Pat Hillard


pat hillard painting 1

Three Fields, Red, Green, Grey

pat hillard painting 2

Crow Road

pat hillard painting 3

Wonderland to Beasley Street

Artist's Statement

I have been painting since childhood and through my life I have never been without paint and brushes in the house. The things that inspire me vary widely; portraits, mostly musicians, landscapes and abstract. I like dramatic scenes and dramatic, dynamic mixes of colour.

For a long time I shied away from abstract art even though I enjoyed looking at it. Then a family tragedy made me completely relook at the way I approached my art. I hope you like what you see.

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St Mary's Studio - open most days 10am - 4pm
5 Church Road
Wiggenhall St Mary the Virgin
PE34 3EH.

Tel: 01553 617247

Email: pat.hillard@hotmail.com