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Neville Palmer


Artwork by Neville Palmer

Night 1987
122 x 122 cm. Acrylic on wood panel

Artist's Statement

My practice as an artist has developed over many years, having its foundational roots in the making of sculpture - essentially carving and constructing with wood - while I was living in Canada (1962-74) and with my first exhibitions in 1968.

Over time colour came to the fore and working two-dimensionally gradually dominated my activities. In conjunction with a square motif, utilized as a character in a simple visual language, a series of paintings and prints has come into being that now spans more than four decades. Through the use of various media, in particular oil pastels, acrylic paints, and in more recent years the digital environment, the language has undergone a steady process of formation.

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Email: neville.palmer@anotherlandscape.com

Web: anotherlandscape.com

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