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Neil Leggett


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Untitled Drawing

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CRAA Exhibition

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Ruins 2

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Ruins 1

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Artist's Statement

"I'm trying to create images which evoke some stirrings of mood, thought or expression in the Viewer's own subconscious".

My motivation is derived from a number of sources, ranging from my imagination, ethnic cultures and modern issues. I enjoy communicating through visual means. I normally produce a number of works in series, which explore a particular theme.

Drawing (using charcoal, black ink, graphite and white chalk), is an important part of my working method. As an extension of my drawing practice, when painting I use black and white acrylic paint to match the tonal qualities of those drawings. I also add found and gathered items to give a textured surface on which to paint, this gives the finished work more depth making it visually more interesting.

Using this method of work I'm trying to find a middle ground between Painting and Sculpture. I like to use corrugated cardboard as the support for paintings as this not only provides a flat surface on to which to paint but it can be cut into to give different textural qualities to its surface. I also use my own photographs to design silk screen prints which make use of repeat patterns and contrasting colours to produce prints with a distinct style.

My ceramic work is inspired by ethnic cultures and is made in a very instinctual way.

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Email: edmundleggett@hotmail.co.uk