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John Lawson



Ely Cathedral
Oil on board, 68 x 58cms inc. frame

Artist's Statement

As a painter, I am primarily concerned with the actual process of painting. Surface texture is my principal interest. Additionally, line, shape, colour and tone tend to be dealt with in an experimental way to create the desired effect. Hence the work tends to be organic in its development whether or not it is figurative or abstract. In fact, in the planning stage, composition is often the only consideration; the subject matter, even in representational work, merely serves as a starting point for the subsequent development of the piece as a ‘painting’. However, there is always an emotive element that also determines the direction of the work in question.

Although most of my work tends to be in oils, I often use different materials in unorthodox combinations to create different and unusual surface effects. For example, using a water-based medium with oils, using mixed-media devices such as collage or using unconventional means of applying paint such as ink-rollers or scrapers.

Each painting is a journey with an unknown destination.

I have exhibited in a variety of venues and galleries over the years including The Fermoy Gallery, Shakespeare Barn and Greyfriars Art Space in King’s Lynn, Norwich Playhouse Theatre and The Art Factory in Norwich. I have also had work selected for various open exhibitions including the Eastern Open.

Examples of my work are to be found in the collections of Universities, Businesses, Members of Parliament and, most importantly, members of the human race!

Contact this Artist

Email: jklawson71@gmail.com

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