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Janette Williams


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Girl on Sofa

Artist's Statement

Creativity and design have been a part of my career for over 4 decades, working nationally and internationally. When a paint brush that wasn't for interior decorating finally arrived in my hand I knew I had found a passion and a joy that only other artists will know about. I have always had a thirst for knowledge and I started to learn all about the methods and techniques of my new found love of art.

I moved to Norfolk early 2018 having decided to focus on my painting and teaching art and design to students of all ages plus walking my two water loving springer spaniels on the beach more often. I'm lucky to have a studio in my garden where I can paint and be creative.

I thoroughly enjoy the whole creative process from taking the initial photograph, working it into a composition, manipulating colours to finally producing a finished work of art. I mainly work in pastels or oils although I also work with and teach mixed media and watercolour experimental techniques.

When working on commissions – especially pet portraits, I feel as though I connect with the animals character and hopefully this shines through in my finished work.

I love all aspects of nature from trees to oceans – I can only aspire to paint or capture a glimpse of such perfection.

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Email: janettemw57@gmail.com

Web: www.janettewilliamsart.com