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Esther Boehm


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wood sculpture by esther boehm

Wind Dance
Wood (Walnut)
93h x 55 x 42cms

marble sculpture by esther boehm

Carrara Marble
100h x 65 x 55 cms

marble sculpture by esther boehm

Carrara Marble
70h x 49 x 25 cms

wood sculpture by esther boehm

Wood (Walnut)
77h x 32 x 20 cms

Artist's Statement

Every rough stone presents a challenge as it has its own character or individuality and each time takes me to a new aesthetic statement. As I work, I find myself in an intense dialogue with the material, which enables me to draw out what is hidden within each piece. This approach led to my larger sculpture commissions where I expressed, through an abstracted bird, the spiritual being or angel, or in another piece, the essence of partnership. The fluid movements of stone or wood lead me to explore the flow of life itself. It is the mystical visualisation of something inside and outside of myself that has always been the key motivation in my work, regardless of the materials I use.

German Canadian artist, Esther Cecilia Boehm, was born in Edmonton, Canada in 1958. She studied Fine Arts from 1976 to 1980 at the University of Alberta where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in sculpture. She has experimented and worked with a wide variety of materials both 2 and 3 dimensionally. Boehm's paintings and sculptures are found in the collection of Barbecon Paper in Toronto, North Cemetery in Munich and in private collections.

To speak to this WNNA member about commissions, or simply to find out more please contact Esther.

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Tel: 07538 986 235

Email: eb@estherboehm.com

Web: www.estherboehm.com