West Norfolk Artists Association

Ann Froshaug


painting of flowers

Summer Flowers
Watercolour, gouache, felt-tip pen

painting of war

The Pity of War
Acrylic and mixed media

painting of summer fields

Watercolour and gouache

Artist's Statement

I work in a variety of mediums, drawing and painting mostly from life around me. The starting point is having a strong emotional response to what I am looking at - the landscape or figures or flowers which move me and evoke the response. You have to care about what you are drawing or painting to give it life. My work is representational, but not traditional in that I also explore colour and form and love looking at other artists work and studying art history. I approach my art making by developing my technical ability through work and experiment. Art is also about finding new ways of using the various mediums as well as improving technically.

So, I find out through experiment and discipline all the time hoping I am developing and hoping too, that people will like my work. After all, even though painting etc is a personal thing which is enjoyable for itself, the response of the viewer is just as important, I think.

These images are examples of my work over the last three years. I undertake commissions, please contact me for more information

Recent exhibitions

Eastern Open 2012 - 2014
West Norfolk Artists Association since 2012
Syd Davison Award best in show, WNAA Summer Exhibition 2015

Contact this Artist

52 Bexwell Road
Downham Market
PE38 9LH

Tel: 01366 388770 or 07985 082117

Email: a.froshaug@btinternet.com