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Terence Rogers ASAA, (PA)SAA, MAAA


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Artwork by Terence Rogers

There's Lightning Coming

Artwork by Terence Rogers


Artwork by Terence Rogers

Choppy Waters

Artwork by Terence Rogers

Hard Going

Artwork by Terence Rogers

Lazy Bones

Artwork by Terence Rogers

Shadow Girl

Artist's Statement

I have been painting now for more years than I care to remember. I am completely self-taught, and use all mediums. Please don't be frightened by the letters behind my name, it just looks good!? I don't have a degree in Fine Art, after all, nor did Leonardo? (I jest, oh and I forgot to put CDM!)

Originally trained as a Draughtsman, and finally ending up as a Civil Engineer I have always painted. I was never allowed to go to art college for which I thank the gods, because I have been allowed to develop through experience rather than some lecturer's influence.

I am now fully retired and living in the Fens of East Anglia, so now I can paint most days in my studio. I have recently started to use acrylics more and more, where as I used to paint largely in gouache, because of the fine detail that it allowed me to do especially when painting F1 cars and aircraft.

I'm now an International Artist, with past exhibitions with the Guild of Aviation Artists (4 times) in the Carisbrooke Gallery, London, and with the SAA once in Westminster, when it was the Society for Amateur Artists, winning an award for the work submitted.

More recently I have been published in the SAA magazine, both inside and as their Cover Artist, also on the internet, and various railway magazines in the past. In previous years I have sold works in Europe and the USA, so I suppose that makes me an international artist.

I am now currently an Associate of the American Society of Aviation Artists, a registered Professional Artist with the SAA, and sponsored by them to use the SAA Acrylic range as well as being a Member of the Association of Animal Artists.



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Email: teltrish221@btinternet.com

Web: www.nevermindthemonet2.com