West Norfolk Artists Association

Gary Walker

Pastel Painter

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Artwork 4

Happy Dog

Artwork 1

Willy Lott's Cottage

Artwork 5

Lizzie the Boxer

Artwork 2

River Scene, Norfolk

Artwork 6

Cocker Spaniel

Artwork 3

Norfolk Landscape

Artist's Statement

I really enjoyed painting at school and wanted to take further education in art, but back then it was difficult and I did other studies. I am now turned 60 and semi-retired and have no art qualifications, being totally self taught. I picked up pastels a couple of years ago and really took to them. My main subject is the dog portraits but I enjoy attempting landscapes as well. I have only produced around 15 dog portraits to date so I consider myself still learning! I have been fortunate to have some of my work for sale and on display at the Barns gallery in Old Hunstanton, also offering commissions for dog portraits.

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Tel: 07725 956071

Email: garywalkerart@gmail.com