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Joyce Davison


Artist's Statement

Selected Member of the East Anglian Potters' Association

Professional Member of the Craft Potters' Association

Hand-thrown pottery in stoneware or porcelain; mainly one-off decorative pieces, i.e. jugs, plates, platters, bowls, vases, bottle forms etc. Decoration using brushwork, fluting, wax-resist crackle and celadon glazes.

Sadly, the Association has learnt that Joyce passed away in April 2023. She will be missed by many as she and her late husband Syd were founding members of the WNAA and were great supporters of the East Anglian arts and crafts scene. The contact details below are those of her family.


Email: npdavison@icloud.com
Telephone Nick: 07710 233286
Telephone Jain: 07964 176313