West Norfolk Artists Association

Val Philpot


Collage 1 by Val Philpot

Cell Series No. 1
Mixed media collage

Collage 2 by Val Philpot

Cell Series No. 2
Mixed media collage

Pastel of hostas by Val Philpot

Pastel drawing

Charcoal drawing of a cat by Val Philpot

Charcoal drawing

Collage 3 by Val Philpot

Mixed media collage

Artist's Statement

My work is predominantly influenced by nature and the environment, mainly the shapes and forms found in plant cell structure.

I use a variety of techniques to produce work which include drawing, painting and collage using traditional materials and materials not usually associated with art, which include found items.

Contact this Artist

Tel: 07803 563185

Email: valart57ann@gmail.com