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Thelma Chambers


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Artwork by Thelma Chambers

Fields from Wisbech Road

Artwork by Thelma Chambers


Artwork by Thelma Chambers


Artwork by Thelma Chambers


Artwork by Thelma Chambers

Sutton St James

Artwork by Thelma Chambers

Woad Lane, January

Artist's Statement

I am a graduate of the Ruskin School Oxford, and the Royal Academy Schools, London. I have exhibited in England Ireland and Portugal. My work is in private and public collections in U.S.A. Ireland, United Kingdom and Portugal.

In Febuary 2016 I moved back to England after 26 years abroad, and I am very happy to be back. I have always wanted to settle in East Anglia, I adore the feeling of space and the skies and it has always felt like the right place for me to be.

The paintings are all made "on site" directly from the wonderful stretches of colour found in the farmlands of the East Anglian landscape. Crops of cabbages, daffodils, leeks and beans, fields of potatoes, rape or mustard in flower, and the lights of the East Anglian skies.

The paintings are mostly oil on board, or distempera ( pure pigment and size) and gouache on paper. Full c.v. and a large collection of works at my website, see below. Please contact me for any more info or for commissions, sales etc.

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Email: eltham@eircom.net

Web: www.thelmachambers.co.uk