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Jacqueline Ladley


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Artwork 1

Paddy Cullen
Colouring Pencil

Artwork of a white cat

Colouring Pencil

Artwork of two hounds

Galway Hounds
Colouring Pencil

Artwork 4

The McClafferty Brothers
Black Poster Paint

Artwork 5

Post Race Debrief

Artwork 6

Public Bar North Star
Black Poster Paint

Artist's Statement

I moved to Norfolk from Ireland in 2012 and fell in love with the hard working countryside and its down to earth people. Growing up I was fascinated by the weathered and characterful faces of local people that surrounded me who have worked hard all their lives exposed to the elements. Portraiture is my main love especially older more experienced faces that hint at a story and it is this story that I try to convey in my portraits. Animals and especially horses are important to me as I work in the equine industry and I use my paintings as a way to portray their power and grace but also the reality of working with them.

Watercolour, colouring pencil and pencil drawings are my materials of choice. I practice detailed paintings and drawings but I also enjoy experimenting with simpler black and white images as an antidote to the concentration required when drawing a detailed picture.

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Tel: 07592 791968

Email: mladley@hotmail.com